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Flueclear is a solid fuel anti-fouling treatment for domestic use.

Prevents the formation of soot and hard scale tar deposits

Reduces the likelihood of costly chimney fires

Reduces fuel bills with more complete combustion

Maintains heat transfer rates in stoves and boilers

Extends the life of solid fuel appliances

Allows easier cleaning of appliances, flues and chimneys

Reduces the carbon content of emissions

Flueclear is a SAPEC product
Non-toxic and safe to use with stainless steel flue liners
Safe to handle and store

"Before we used Flueclear, we used to get a big build up of tar and soot in our wood burner's flue. Now our flue stays clear and we no longer have to get the chimney swept on a regular basis. Flueclear is worth every penny". 
Nigel Endersby, Haute Vienne, France

Trianco recommend the use of SAPEC fuel treatments for all their solid fuel appliances.
Customer comments

"Our Rayburn has never burnt so clean nor generated so much heat in years. Excellent product."
Sandra Black, Campbeltown

"A fantastic product."
Debra Richards, Bridgend

"Essential product for Rayburn."

Sandra White, Carmarthenshire

"Great product and supplier that I will use again"
Peter Bennett, Dorset

"Does what it says on the tin!"
Richard Bathgate, South Lanarkshire

"Excellent. 5 Stars. Perfect."
Lesley Blackwell, Northamptonshire

"Great cleaner. Use it all the time. Will buy again."
Antoinette McDonnell, Sutherland

"As before, quick delivery and fantastic stuff."
Rob Selley, Huddersfield

"Fast service, very good communication, does what it says on the tin."
Terry Duffy, Bridgend

Used worldwide in industrial coal and solid fuel boilers since 1989, Flueclear is now available to domestic customers at affordable prices.

Flueclear works by chemically altering the products of combustion. Gases that solidify as tar & hard scale deposits are prevented from forming at the point of combustion and not emitted into the flue passes.

Flueclear reduces the carbon content of solid fuel emissions - helping you do your bit to save the Earth. Deposits produced by a fire treated with Flueclear are visibly lighter in colour than deposits from an untreated fire, reflecting the reduced carbon content.


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